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"You are never going to get anywhere with a communications

  degree" "Right now, I am asking the questions. I will tell you when it's YOUR turn to ask a question" "Wow it seems like you are just all about money. Would you say that is correct?" "What makes you think you can walk in here after never working here before and manage people who have been working here for ten or more years?" "You think you are experienced? I have worked at...(Starts naming every single clothing store he has ever worked in or managed). That's experience." (First of all, sir, I'm not applying for your job....!) "I have friends who make $1000+ every night serving at high end restaurants in New York City. Wouldn't that be nice? But you couldn't do that." "Your resume is total crap." I was asked TWO questions pertaining to the actual job: Managing approach to employees older than I and that had worked there longer, and what metric I would focus on to get all of them up if we were down for the day.

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Some of these questions would have been legitimate had they been worded differently, or asked in a polite and inquisitive manner.

The generalized assumptions I could have gone without.

Interview Candidate on Jan 18, 2013

When I read your post and how your interview went, it sounded strangely familiar, so I went to Linkedin and looked up the person whom I believe interviewed you. Bingo. I was going through the interview process at another company and my experience was much like yours. It was humiliating and unprofessional and unlike anything I'd ever experienced. I feel better knowing it wasn't just me!

anonymous on Mar 25, 2013

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