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Account Strategist Interview Dublin, Co. Dublin (Ireland)

"You're a Product Manager for Android, sales are declining

  in your region, what will you do to improve sales in that region - tell me the steps and explain each?"

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Just give a step by step logical answer - perhaps beginning with the target audience and what their needs are. In this answer, show your understanding of how Google makes revenue with its products.

Interview Candidate on Mar 4, 2014

Here you can give a pure and efficient answer.

Make a market study in order to understand what's the problem in your conversion funnel: is it brand awarness, are people knowing your product, do they think of buying your product, if they do think of buying it are they buying it?

This way for example if people know your brand, consider buying but they don't there might be a pricing problem to resolve (Typical case of Audi cars, everyone knows them, everyone wants to buy one but not everyone does because it is too expansive). So here if they want to increase their volume they know they have to play on the pricing .
If you couple this with an analysis and benchmark of what the competition is doing and how the leaders are being leaders then for sure you will find an answer to what you should do if your sales are decreasing.

Golf on Dec 3, 2014

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