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Inside Sales Representative Interview Monmouth Junction, NJ

"you sure you want to work from 12-9 everyday?" "this job

  can be stressful and you will have all calls recorded and you will have to sometimes take at least 100 calls a day, is that sound like something you would want to do?" um well considering I have no job straight out of college, yes unfortunately I will have to accept this cubicle farm job with the worst turn over rate ever recorded at any company.
worst turn over rate at any company

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Word to the wise,there is one man who does the commissions for all the sales employees. He handles not only your office but every office in New Jersey. In one month a sales agent could make up to 600 sales low-high end (were talking dollars not hundreds commission wise) and thiS guy would always mess up everyones commission sheet. Comcast knew it, they wanted to rip the employees off, this is why one man ran the commission show. It was so terrible. There were sales training classes, lasted about 2.5 to 3 weeks, almost every other month because people would make low commissions and they were better off collecting unemployment then working at that cubicle farm. Save yourself the aggravation. Oh, and they also teach you tips on how to cheat consumers when they call in so you can make the sale in case the customer keeps the products you sign them up for without there consent. There's a reason why there retention center is so huge compared to the inside sales floor. You will literally be working next to people thatdid not graduate high school. And that is fine, but if you have some technical background or if you are looking to make a killing, the look elsewhere or strap on your seat belt because it will be a long bumpy ride until you finally get that $1 increase on your check. Or hey maybe they might even have the commissions department add more people to the one man show that controls the welfare of the lives of all Comcast employees. Honestly, the worst company to work for if you are looking to grow and move up.

Interview Candidate on Jan 11, 2014

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