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Club Manager Interview

01. Describe a time when you recommended a new process or

  initiative that has the potential to improve business performance or results. 02. Describe the mentoring and learning opportunities that you’ve provided associates and in your response describe how you’ve ensured these opportunities supported career growth. 03. Describe the steps you’ve taken to manage budgets and overall financial performance for you’re area of responsibilities. 04. What business data and information do you typically consider when setting priorities and making decisions. 05. Describe the methods you use to teach inventory flow processes to others 06. Describe how you’ve built and maintained an environment that promoted and supported associates in executing business goals. 07. Describe the program and processes you’ve implemented to increase associates ability to better serve members. 08. Describe a time when you were responsible for coordinating a project that required you to consider views or opinions from different areas. 09. Describe the steps you’ve taken to promote an environment of adaptability and continuous learning in your club 10. Describe the plans you’ve developed and implemented to promote excellent member service. 11. Describe a time when you initiated and developed a key relationship in the community that helped you enhance the reputation of the company. 12. Describe the plans you’ve developed to set expectations and goals within our club.

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I interviewed recently for the Club Manager position and these are exactly, word for word the questions I was asked. This is for the general manager position, not the assistant position. Thank you for posting them. They've been very helpful.

Anonymous on Aug 27, 2014

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