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Business Analyst Interview(Student Candidate) Bengaluru (India)

1) Puzzle- You have two ropes, each rope burns completely

  in 1 hour. Both the ropes are non uniform. One has to calculate 45 minutes. 2) How many coldrinks are sold in Patna in one day

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1) Burn 1st rope from both the ends and second rope from one end.
!st rope will burn completely in 1/2 hour and second rope in the mean time will burn for 1/2 hour, now 2nd rope will burn for 1/2 hour more, burn it from other side also, it will take 15 min to burn completely, hence it takes total 45 min to burn both the ropes.

2) No definite answer. Only the approach is tested.

Interview Candidate on Aug 9, 2012

Burn the first rope from both sides. Once the first rope is fully burnt, Fold the 2nd rope in half and burn it from both sides. 1st rope gives us 30 minutes, 2nd time it gives us 15 minutes. But Problem is with non-uniform -Ask the Interviewer whether the non-uniformity is in composition or Lenghts. If it were in composition or length My answer is 100% correct. But if the composition were non-uniform. The above comment (not mine) is 100% wrong. :) . Think like a master not like a kid. :D

Raghavendra on Jun 6, 2017

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