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1.) "Why after two years of being self employed did you

  decide to come back to the work force in a retail environment?" 2.) "Other than people, why else do you like a retail environment?" 3.) "Do you have any Trigger points? Things that may upset you easily?"

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1.) Being self employed, I don't get as much face to face interaction. the only face to face I really have is when i go out and market myself and meet with new clients or if I am acting as a call center. I miss seeing people and building relationships with co-workers and customers.
2.) I like the fact I can see my work in action. Whether through a smile on someones face or knowing an upset customer is leaving satisfied. I also like the fact that I can utilize the technology and I get to do demos and learn new things.

3.) No. I am what you would call a "retail warrior" I have been faced with ridiculing based on my weight (I am 105 pounds when not pregnant, I am very small), the fact I am a natural blonde, and other things.My very first day training at a company I worked for when I was 16 years old I had someone scream profanities at me, call me a dumb blonde and tell me I needed to eat a cheeseburger, and proceeded to try to hit me in the face. I have learned that it is best to understand that the customer is not upset with you, they are upset at the problem they are having and you are the person standing between them and the solution.It is just part of the job, and it is your responsibility to take care of it and remain calm. I understand that if a customer is too much for em to handle this is why I have managers to help me.

Interview Candidate on Oct 6, 2014

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