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Pricing Analyst Interview London, England (UK)

1st interview Tell us about your backgroun/experience

  (energy industry)? How can you use that experience to bring value to Hiscox? What are your strenghts and weaknesses? What do you know about pricing in insurance industry? How do you think pricing process differs between energy and insurance industry? What are the challenges for insurance pricing and in what boundaries (business,regulatory) Hiscox operates at the moment? Tell us about the situation when you had to make a key business decisions and managed senior company's stakeholders? What are the Hiscox'es values,ambition and strategy? 2nd interview What technical computer applications have you used? What are the most complex formulas you used in Excel? (what are the weak points of Pivot tables??) How would you present your way of thinking if you had to ask for a payrise? Tell us about the example of when you used your communication skills? Tell us about the situation when you have made a mistake at work? Tell us about the biggest mistake you have made and have you made any mistakes following that?What did you learn from it? What skills are you learning at the moment/what skills are you developing? Tell us about the pricing process in insurance industry? Tell us about the situation when you had to deal with a difficult situation at work and how you resolved it? Give us an example of the situation when you have displayed a great problem solving skills?

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To much to answer all the questions - but I can talk about the feedback i have received.
For first interview I was told that my answers should be clearer and more succinct with the awarness of the interviewers and I was praised for my knowldedge of Hiscox.
Second interview - it was quite a wishy washy feedback , I just had impression the guy who is a Head of Pricing made a decision in a first couple of minutes of the interview. His questions where quite shallow (formulas in Excel...) , he didnt seem to be very serious or prepared. I think if they get to like you in the beginning you have a good chance to be hired otherwise your actual knowledge or preparation may not be enough to land the job.
Anyhow it was a good experience overall for me personally but I think Hiscox might not be as open or inclusive company as they claim they are. Up to you to test that.

Interview Candidate on Sep 23, 2017

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