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Software Engineer Interview(Student Candidate)

1st was technical interview which was bit tough.Ques

  related to java c and c++ were asked and some of the ques on Dbms.There prime focus was on Programming language knowledge.They told me to write a prog in java but as i was comfortable with c and c++ so i requested them for writing the same prog in c because of which i didnt good rating .I wrote it correctly after tht he asked me to write the o/p and this round finally got over. 2nd was technical cum HR and most of the ques was related to my projects in BE and Mtec.He was checking my communication skill as well as how i express things. 3rd was Hr round and was mostly abt myself.we had a long discussion abt almost everything and in the last he offered me very less package and job location hyderabad.i asked for more... overall process for selection is bit time consuming and last for 2 days...still waiting for final call It was told there tht we wud be getting call after 4-5 days...but till now we havnt recieved any call...i think they do not take fresher seriously...and also offering very low package..only good thing is tht they are providing free food ... i hope i wud find this company as a grt foundation and for molding my carrier in good shape ....waiting for the final call.

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