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Windows Systems Administrator II Interview San Antonio, TX

A customer calls in saying that they're having problems

  sending email. They're using IIS SMTP and a web-based application to send the messages. What are 3 things which you would look for first, in the order you find most probable, in troubleshooting this issue?

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1) SMTP Virtual Server configuration
2) DNS configuration
3) RBL/IP Blacklisting

Interview Candidate on Oct 8, 2010

PDC Emulator
Allows Windows Server 2003 to act as the primary domain controller.
Provides replication support for the backup domain controller.
Assists with time and group policy synchronization.

Infrastructure Master - (One per domain)
Responsible for updating the group to user references whenever there are changes.
Also receives new names.

Relative ID Master - RID - (One per domain)
Ensures that every object created has a unique ID number.

Schema Master - (One per forest)
Responsible for maintaining and modifying the AD schema.

Domain Naming Master - (One per forest)
Responsible for adding and deleting domains in a forest.

Anonymous on Jun 17, 2014

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