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Part-Time Apple Care At-Home Consultant Interview San Antonio, TX

A man calls in and has an older computer that is

  essentially a brick. What do you do?

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Check the power supply, try to start in Safe Mode, hold down the power button

Interview Candidate on Sep 23, 2012

Try another power cord if there's one available. Check to see if pc is plugged into a power supply or power strip. If so, see if other equipment on that same strip works. Either way, plug something else into that same port or see if you can plug the computer into another outlet.

Ann on Oct 5, 2012

The very first thing you need to know is why your customer is calling. What are they experiencing so you may effectively help them with their problem, brick or no brick.

Someone who knows customer service on Oct 17, 2012

Ask when did it last work properly? Any changes since it worked last? (new hardware, cleaning, has it been moved?) Also ask if this is a laptop or desktop. Check power connections. If plugged in to back or side of computer firmly and into a socket, check if they are using power strip or UPS. If so, connect to direct to known working outlet in the wall, try to power up. Listen for fans, look for lights. If no fans can be heard and no lights seen and it is a desktop, check that the switch is on on the power supply and voltage is correct. If laptop, check the cord and pin for damage, verify that it too is plugged in to a known working outlet, and that it is the correct adapter made specifically for that computer. If all looks ok, Then check to see if there are any lights lit on the AC adapter if it has any. If a light is present but not lit, there is likely a problem with the AC adapter. Do they have another also specific to that computer make and model? If lit, it is possibly an issue with the power connector on computer, perhaps a short or broken connector inside.
Desktop- voltage correct, plugged in to working wall outlet, power supply switch on, no fans or lights, no hardware changes, suspect power supply first. See if customer is under warranty, even though it is old they may have purchased extended warranty coverage. Recommend they take it to the manufacturer if so and if Apple maybe set up an appointment for them at the Genius Bar. Either way, it should be taken in for repair or replaced.

Hopeful interviewee on Mar 28, 2013


Anonymous on Jan 2, 2015

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