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QA Automation Engineer Interview Chicago, IL

A simple phone screen followed by an intense 7 round

  (different people from Spot - 6 technical) face to face interview. Most of the questions were around multithreading, concurrency control, past automation experience. There was a linked list question( find dups in L.L. and eliminate those) which I could easily write the code for. Another coding question which was also very easy (had to implement queue using stack) . Interviewer liked my approach. Some scenario questions where how would you solve a fast sender and slow receiver problem with complexities added as you elaborate. Some data structure related questions like arrays vs linked list /hash maps/queues. Had to write a couple of SQL queries on the white board. Nothing was difficult , one gentleman asked me a puzzle which was not properly elaborated. I mis-assumed something and got it wrong. All n all, I gave a solid interview according to me. I don't have ANY c++/python experience and that may be a basis of rejection.

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