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The process took 2 weeks. I interviewed at Anheuser-Busch in November 2011.


I was notified via email that I had been chosen for a face-to-face interview. I was given the dates that were open, and I was to email the hr rep with my chosen time and date. I called and left a message to reiterate what was in the email, just in case something happened. I then received an email with the confirmation date, time, and who I was going to be meeting.

The day of the interview, I had to check in with security. I had to wait a while because the security guard suddenly had a number of visitors to check in. Once he was free, he came over to where I was waiting and told me he had notified the interviewers 12 minutes ago. He wrote the time on a post it note and handed it to me. At least I knew I wasn't forgotten and the interviewer knew I was there on time (early).

Once in, the hr rep met me and we exchanged pleasantries on the way to the room. I could tell she was a pro because she gave me some background about AB on the way up and information about the next step in the process on the way back down to the lobby. Once we came to the correct floor, she couldn't find a room that was open. She became flustered and called the other person I was supposed to meet. I then found out this person was in another state and coming back that evening. He would be joining us over the phone.

While talking to the other person, we walked up and down the hall checking rooms. She then told the other person that this was ridiculous, and we were going to go up to the hr floor. Once there, the hr rep shows me to a small room with about 8 chairs. She said she had to go check to make sure the room was free. I waited for about 5-10 minutes and then had to move to another room; this room was larger, with space for about 20 people.

When we finally started, I ended up speaking to the person who would have been my boss, on the speaker phone, and the hr rep was sitting next to me. It felt like and odd situation because I didn't know if I should speak up for the sake of the person on the phone, or if I should talk in a normal voice for the hr rep in front of me.

Before any questions were asked, the hr rep gave me a quick run-thru of what to expect during this interview and how they judge the interviewees. Each interviewee is given a number on their sheet, and they are judged anonymously by comparison. The other person gave me a quick run-thru of what the job would entail. I had been coached a bit by people that knew the process, so this wasn't new and I was prepped. They didn't ask many specific questions pertaining to the job; most were your basic general interview questions such as "Tell me a time when..." The questions pretty much fell in line with what was posted in the job description. I am guessing the other person had the same papers as the hr rep, so one would ask a question that was already printed on a paper, and they would take notes under the question. There was one question per page, and the hr rep said, "Don't feel like you have to fill the whole time. If there are any quiet times, we are just taking notes." They each switched back and forth asking the questions, and there were about 8-10.

The process took about 2 hours, counting my wait time, moving from office to office, calling the other person, and the actual interviewing. When I left, I asked how many they were bringing in. I was told about 7 or 8. The next step was interviewing with the other person and his boss, then an offer would be extended. I am not for sure, but judging by what the job would have entailed, I think I might have been the only one that wasn't able to meet the other person (direct boss) face-to-face. This was the only part of the interview I was really irritated by. Other than that part (and the office space flub), I felt the whole process was professional and what an interview should be. Even though I didn't get an offer, the feedback I received told me that there were simply just other people more qualified.

My advice to anyone going to interview would be to BE SPECIFIC IN YOUR ANSWERS. If they ask for a time in which you effectively managed a project, talk about that one project and give details. Don't talk about 20 other projects you did that were the same. That was a major component in the coaching. Also, if you are serious about the position and see it posted online, save it. Once they close the position and start the interviews, you are going to have a hard time finding the posting. The posting is also the key to prepping for the questions.

Interview Questions

  • Name a time in which you had to lead a group of people on a project.   Answer Question
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