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Apple Specialist, Concierge Interview Questions

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Specialist, Concierge Interview

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I applied online. The process took a week. I interviewed at Apple (Denver, CO) in October 2009.


Ok I applied to Apple through their website, then I went in person to the apple store to hand in my resume + cover letter. (I made sure to get the hiring manager's name before hand to put on the cover letter).

I did a follow-up E-mail a week later and then the manager replied with an invitation to this invite-only hiring seminar. Also known as a Group Interview.

They said "feel free to wear business casual". I came in wearing dress shirt, dress pants, belt , and dress shoes. (I didn't wear a tie or coat). I also brought a zip-up folder with extra copies of my resume and cover letter, it Also had a notepad in it. Its not really needed.. but it makes you look like you came prepared and you are serious about getting this job. Also make sure you check in 15 minutes early. No Sooner.

Alright so there were 14 other candidates all wearing different attire. 3 of them were wearing jeans and a button up shirt. Some wore khakis and brown jeans, etc.

There were 3 managers and 2 employees helping out with this seminar. They introduced themselves and I made sure to remember their names, so later on when I greet or talk to them I call them out by their name.

We were told to sit down by the genius bar where there was this TV screen and lots of chairs.

Before I talk about the seminar process I just want to say that I am the kind of guy who gets a little nervous doing group interviews and talking in front of a group. I somehow put that aside , probably thanks to reading up and studying the interview before-hand. Just like your doing now.

Also the 3 managers had a notepad with everyone's names. So they could take notes on us during the seminar. They also made us make a name tag for ourselves so they can easily refer our names.

First they had us pick a partner and gave you 5 minutes to tell that partner Why you wanted to work for apple and if you were a apple product, what would you be? Then we had to stand up in front of everyone and tell them about our partner.

I made my partner look good, even though he kind of forgot what to say about me. I think the managers are looking for a team player. So be sure to make your partner look good.

After that they turned on 1 video showing apple's retail success and talked about it.
The managers asked us what do you notice when you walk into an apple store.
After everyone answered and talked about it for a few minutes, some good answers were shown on the TV screen.

Here are some of them that I remembered.
"next day repairs"
"one on one learning"
"Product Demos"

Then they had us break off into groups of 3-4. They gave each group a specific product to talk about to everyone. We got 15 minutes to plan our presentation. They also say be as creative as you want.

My group got the Iphone. There were 3 of us so we split up the presentation into sections. I talked about the hardware and different sizes (8gb,16gb,32gb,Camera, Battery Life, Etc) then I passed the talking on to the next group member and he talked about the apps, and so on.

The next group was up and they did something creative, one member was acting like a new customer walking into the store not knowing anything about the Ipod. And the other 2 members were answering his questions as if they were going through a real sale. (I thought that was pretty creative).

I also made sure that we were the first group to do our presentation. It didn't really matter.

After that, we went back to our seats and they talked about what positions they were currently looking for.
they were looking for Specialist & Concierge.

Next up was a Question and Answer Discussion. I wanted to get my question out first. I asked "Can you describe an ideal employee?" And they were talking about it for 10 minutes.

After a few questions and answers they gave us all a form that asks us what is our availability and they wanted me to mark what store I would like to work at. We filled it out and then we were able to head home.

 And we will get an e-mail the next day saying if we are picked for a 1 on 1 interview or not.


They are looking for a special outgoing , team player kind of person. During the group interview they don't care what your experience is. They want to see your personality and check your availability.

One manager said "It's harder to get hired into apple than it is to get into Stanford".
Another said "At some seminars we don't pick any of the candidates".

This seminar was close to the holidays. So I know a few people will get hired for Seasonal Part-time work.. but you can work your way to full-time if you work hard and really go for it.

Thats pretty much it. Overall it was an average interview and I believe I did pretty good.

Thanks for reading this (I really wanted to talk about every detail that happened, because when I was researching for my interview people would only talk about certain parts).

Good luck on your interviews!

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