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Retail Sales Associate Interview North Atlanta, GA

At the end of the "humoring" review and affected discussion

  of my resume, I was asked why a person with my level of education with a degree from a college well known for its exclusivity of aptitude and challenging degree programs (obviously, more brusquely put than this, i think it was more like, "someone who went to a smart school") wanted a "job at a mall?" Not only was the delivery of her quick, astute summary of my resume unexpected, so was the suddenly subjective turn in questioning, and thus the inherent risk therein of an explanatory, comprehensive answer...
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Keeping in mind the blasé attitude of the interview and its inconvenient, time-consuming production demands on the manager, I replied to her brush-off question with a concise brush-off answer: "Because that's where Nordstrom's a mall...that's why I'm looking for the job there."
Granted, that was a rude, "smart" retort, but after waiting so long for what was apparently some kind of obligatory corporate quota-meeting of "qualified applicants" interview-corral, I wanted to get out of there as quickly as she did.

Interview Candidate on Mar 20, 2013

I seriously doubt that an interviewer said,"Being from a good school and being college educated, why would you want to work here?" I think you are a self important snob. I highly doubt that you have a degree because why would you work in retail sales instead of becoming an entrylevel financial analyst or entry-level salaried something, right of college???

Windy Cat on Oct 25, 2013

You can say "I love working with different people, I enjoyed helping people and seeing their smile is priceless for me. And Nordstrom have so much room to grow for me. I would like to be in management positions in the future where I can learn and share my experience with my team members"

Anonymous on Feb 9, 2015

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