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Velocity Software Engineer Interview

Behavioral question Time when your manager extended the

  specifications of the project but not the time, how did you mange to do that work on time?

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Could you please tell how many days after your on-site interview you got the offer ?

Anonymous on Apr 17, 2013

IT seems that all those questions are not hard. however i noticed that quite a lot candidates do have not offers after oniste. So there must have some important points that are missing.

Could you tell me based on your experience, what are the most important things I need to be careful? I am going to do the oniste very soon.

Thank you.

Anonymous on Apr 20, 2013

They give their decision in not more than 2 weeks.

Anonymous on Apr 23, 2013

It is about how you answer the questions that are asked. How clear you are, how expressive you are and how conceptual you are. These matter. In behavioral questions they are looking for what you had done earlier when you faced a situation. So be prepared for that. Remember, they are not looking for what you are going to do in future. You should look confident. Keep talking and that helps. Its not about how correct you are with your answers. Its about how well you communicate your answer and how well you talk to them!!

Anonymous on Apr 23, 2013

I had my offer in exact a week time!

Anonymous on Apr 23, 2013

Good points.
-- Testing questions like
     Write test cases for reversing a string?

Do you need to write code or just give him some specific examples after running the code?
Is the output of the function is "6578 4321 " with the input of "1234 5678"?

Anonymous on Apr 23, 2013

Yes.. We are talking about Strings here and they expect them to be character strings. You can also ask them if they are also okay with the numerical strings. You need to write the code without recursion!

Anonymous on Apr 24, 2013

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