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Behavioral questions are targeted at past behavior. These

  types of questions provide an opportunity for the interviewer to get actual, concrete examples from past experiences. The basic premise is that a candidate's past behavior/performance is a good predictor of future behavior/performance. Hypothetical questions are targeted at how a candidate would act in a future-oriented and realistic business situation. Cross Boundary Collaboration is the practice of effectively working with individuals and organizations outside of one’s immediate work area or span of control. People who exhibit this competency create increased benefits and successes through collaborating and sharing ideas and resources. Impact and Influence is the ability to generate support from others to achieve the desired business outcomes. It also involves taking advantage of opportunities to make a difference and have an impact. People who exhibit this competency apply it in a planned and strategic way — never randomly. They motivate people to want to follow them even when they don't have to. Interpersonal Awareness is the desire to understand other people. It is the ability to accurately hear and understand others’ spoken and unspoken or partly expressed thoughts, feelings, and concerns. People who exhibit this competency understand the reasons for another’s behavior, even when that behavior is subtle or complex. Business Acumen is understanding how a company operates, financially and strategically, within an industry. People who exhibit this competency recognize the implications of external market changes for internal systems and recommend possible courses of action. They are adept at analyzing key business drivers, and they build personal credibility based on business knowledge. People Acumen is the insight about and perspective on human behavior that make it possible to identify, acquire, develop, and retain top talent that will enhance organizational performance. Systems Thinking. People who demonstrate this competency identify the root causes of problems through an expanded, holistic view instead of looking at smaller, discrete parts or symptoms in isolation. They take into account the full range of interactions among all parts of an issue or challenge. Trusted Advisor is who the person, the client, or peer consults for reflective thinking and insight. People who exhibit this competency have a unique perspective on people systems issues. They guide others' thinking, facilitate the resolution of difficult issues, and help clients and peers to fully develop their own capabilities.

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