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Behavioral: what is the similarity between a milk carton

  and a plane seat

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I believe the answer to that question demonstrate a reasoning ability, and thought process. Looking at the two cases starting with a plane seat; plane seats are meant for comfort and support. Comfort in the sense as to soothe uneasiness in the travel. Support: to hold you in place, aligning to the motion of the plane.

Second, a milk carton has more to do with support than comfort because milk are inanimate. I wouldn't think milk carton is made of the same material as plane seat because of the calculated risk involved, and value of the product: human life versus milk content.

So, it has more to do with support; so that both don't fall out of place.

Unknown on Oct 11, 2013

Duh... Both are a little squishy!

Anonymous on Oct 18, 2013

Both can float!

Anonymous on Jan 15, 2014

Its a silly question and it deserve a silly answer as well.

Answer: both have flat bottom .....

aa on Apr 24, 2014

Both have expiration date. If they are not sold/used by the expiration date/flight time, they are useless

Irene Aiello on Mar 5, 2015

Both are designed for efficient transportation

Anonymous on Apr 6, 2015

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They are both designed to be lightweight, which translates into saving on transportation costs and energy.

Colin Poe on Sep 29, 2015

They both are designed to hold things safely.

They both are designed to fit the maximum 'product' in a given area.(milk cartons are square so you can fit more in a fridge than round bottles)

They both have tons of federal regulation regarding their design and how they hold their respective contents.

The contents of both have extremely low margins and often serve as loss leaders. ie milk is sold cheap to get customers in to buy other goods and seats are sold cheap to get customers to buy other goods like ryan air.

The cost for both are a small proportion of the total price.

They both are designed in a very utilitarian manner, but also have luxury versions. paper cartons vs glass milk bottles and coach vs first class seats

Anonymous on Jun 29, 2016

Indirect complimentary objects that came with the purchase of a product! Those objects are both necessary for the sale of milk, and a flight. The customer is not considering those two objects when they are making their purchase.

*Admittedly a seat on a flight has more importance than the carton

Anonymous on Mar 25, 2017

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