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C++: 1. Bare minimum required for ur class to be inherited

  in the future. -Virtual destructor 2. Can virtual functions be called in derived class constructor -No 3. Explain virtual destructor? 4. Explain V-table. if you have three derived class objects, how many v-tables and how many v-table pointers will be created. 5. What will happen if exception occurs in the Constructor, will memory be allocated for that object? - No, stack will be unwinded. Mfc : 1. what will happen if i define Global variables in your class dervied from CWinApp -Dont know not tried. 2. Explain Command routing. - explain about CCmdTarget, Message Map. 3. Base class in mfc -CObject 4. Explain Document/View architecture 5. How can we access view object from document and document object for view? 6. SDI and MDI 7. Different types of Threads 8. Different types of Synchronization objects 9. You have an edit box, a button next to it, a list control and another button next to it and then a combo box. On click of first button, edit box data should be transferred to list control and on click of 2nd button list control data should be transferred to combo box. You have to ensure there is no duplicate entries in List control and combo box. How will you perform this, what all messages you will handle? 10. What messages you will handle for a menu item to successfully function. Stl: 1. What are the elements of STL? -Container, iterators, templates.. 2. When would you use List and when would you use Vector. Logical Questions: 1. Algo for PRIME number? 2. write a program to transform number in words like "Two Lakh Twenty thousand Thirty five" to figures. 3. If you add three numbers, will the sum be odd or even.
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