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Capital One asks that you not give away their specific case

  questions, and I'm going to respect that. The standard interview is 2 behavioral interviews and 2 case interviews. The behavioral interviews are pretty easy. The best way to prepare is to have a series of stories from your career (6 or 7) that you can use to address the standard behavioral questions. The cases were harder for me to prepare for. I read a mix of reviews saying they were really easy or really hard. The CapOne sample case (as of July 2012) was ridiculously easy, but some of the Case In Point (a prep book for case interviews) were tricky. CapOne cases are different than the management consulting cases (from Case In Point) in that they tend to focus much more on math rather than on open-ended business thinking. Both of the cases that I did were break-even analysis, which means you just have to take the information you're given, compute profit, and then solve for profit = 0 as they tweak the parameters. I was really nervous on the first one, but I blew the second one away. They were, to me, very easy. The problem was that if you do well on the first 4 interviews you get a 5th interview (it's a 3rd case), and that's where I did poorly and didn't get the job offer. The problems were that the SVP they called in was kind of a jerk and that I was really tired after 4 interviews, lunch, and then an hour of just sitting in a tiny room waiting for that last interview. I don't know if him being a jerk was part of the test or not. Everyone else had been very friendly and helpful, but he was much more abrasive. He also took away my calculator. I had brought my own 'cause I'm comfortable with it and the first two case interviewers didn't mind at all, but he all but literally took it out of my hands as though I was intentionally cheating, and that really rattled me..

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You are only given a third case interview if you marginally pass the first two interviews. the third was due-or-die.

Annonymous C1 Employee on Aug 20, 2012

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