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Design a better alarm clock


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An alarm clock that has past snoozing pattern recorded. In case the person has a habit of getting up on the first beep. The alarm will beep at the same time the person wants to wake up. For a person with constant snoozing habit, it will take a average of previous snooze habits and accordingly ring at wakeup time - average snooze time.

A feature of specifying the hours of sleep could be incorporated. So a person specifies that s/he wants to sleep for 6 hours from now. so the Alarm will ring after the specified time.

Kaushal Thakkar on Jun 13, 2012

What does better mean? Better for who? Better for deaf people or? In what situation should it be better? (alarm clock in war zone?) What are the success metrics? (i.e., actual wake-up time vs. initial alarm time?)

Without answer these questions, you can't design a better clock because you don't even know what problem you are solving for the current clock.

Anonymous on Oct 15, 2012

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