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Design an app for a community of Celiac's disease patients

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Firstly, I would like to understand what is Celiac disease from the interviewer. I understand that it is intolerance to Gluten. Also, I would like to know if we are looking for web client or mobile client or both.

Assuming, we are looking for a mobile client only (also because mobile usage has 70% penetration as compared to web usage of about 30%, so I would like to focus on the mobile app).

The Primary customers for this app would be patients (suffering from Celiac), closed ones/family members of these patients. The secondary users of this app would be Doctors (experts in curing this disease).

The use cases of the app would be:

Readily access of information related to Celiac disease
Accessibility to Doctors
Information on Food items
The proposed solutions would be:
Creating a city wise repository of Doctors (along with their information of clinics and operating times) who treat this disease
There would be an information repository on the treatment of celiac disease
On-boarding Doctors who would monitor chats and provide online advice. This advice can be through one-one chats with the available doctors
A group chat portal that would be used to seek advice from anyone (even from other patients) - This chat portal would be open to all the community members including Doctors
A page that would enlist all the packaged food that can be consumed (accounting for gluten sensitivity).
There can be provision to order and deliver the packaged food
A section of app would enlist the home made recipes to treat the disease or generic recipes that are recommended for a Celiac patient
There can be a section in the app that enlist over the shelf medication that can be purchased for patients

Now, since I have enlisted all the solutions, I would incorporate some of them to launch my MVP.
I would consider following points:
Time to market/Effort required
User impact
Cost to build that feature
Any specific management strategy

Considering time to market is of utmost importance in order to gain first mover advantage, I would launch only in 1 city. I would start with features 1,2, 3, and 4. These features would create the most impact. The effort required is also great since we will hav eto on-board doctors. Hence, initially, all the efforts would be channelized in this having these 4 features in the MVP.

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Anonymous on Mar 24, 2019


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Alex on Jun 7, 2019

I think the key in generic questions like this is to be careful to cover the fundamentals, and to be familiar with all the followups so you're prepared for whatever they throw at you. Maybe do a mock interview with a Google Product Management expert on PrepTick to get a real-world answer? They give lots of guidance and pro tips on how to deal with this kind of stuff.

Anonymous on Jul 25, 2019

This person is a software engineer at Google who may be able to give you some good advice. Good luck!

Anonymous on Aug 22, 2019

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