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Die Hard question - you have two containers, one holds

  3 gallons, one holds 5 gallons, unlimited supply of water. How do you get exacly 4 gallons in a container?

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Interview Candidate on Oct 2, 2012

Fill the 3 gal jug up and pour 3 gal into 5 gal jug. Fill the 3 gal jug back up and pour into the 5 gal jug filling it up, leaving 1 gal in the 3 gal jug. Pour out entire 5 gal jug emptying it and pour the 1 gal from the 3 gal jug in the 5 gal jug. Fill the 3 gal jug back up and pour all 3 gal in the 5 gal jug giving you 4 gal.

live free on Feb 14, 2013

Fill the 5 gal container up and fill the 3 gal container up using the water in 5 gal container. So far there are 2 gal water left in 5 gal container. Then pour all the water in 3 gal container and fill it again with the 2 gal water in 5 gal container. Finally fill up the 5 gal container again and use the water in 5 gal container to fill the 3 gal container. Then there are 4 gal water left in the 5 gal container.

jspiii on May 6, 2013

Fill both buckets completely. Then dump half of each bucket. That gives you 4 gallons. 5+ 3 = 8. 8/2 is 4 gallons. Half of the 5 gallon bucket is 2.5 and half of the 3 gallon bucket is 1.5. 1.5 + 2.5 = 4.

Anonymous on May 1, 2015

Trick question. Just because each container CAN hold 3 gallons and 5 gallons, doesn't mean that they currently do.

So, fill both containers to full. You now have 8 gallons. Throw half of each container away, leaving you with 1.5 and 2.5 gallons. Tip the 1.5 into the 2.5 and voila!

Kevin Fetterplace on Aug 20, 2015

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