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Display the sorted output of a merge of any number of

  sorted arrays. Then do it again, more efficiently.

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static void merge(int[][]a){
        int[]index=new int[a.length];
        int total=0;
        for(int i=0;i

Anonymous on Sep 21, 2014

pop one element from every sorted array and put into a heap, pop 1 from heap and display, pop another element from the sorted array that min element came from to heap, repeat until all arrays are empty and heap is empty

Anonymous on Oct 7, 2014

public Integer[] mergeSort(ArrayList input, int start, int end) {
  if(start == end) {
     return input.get(end);
  if(start == end-1) {
     return merge(input.get(start), input.get(end));
  Integer[] first = mergeSort(input, start, (start + end)/2);
  Integer[] second = mergeSort(input, (start + end)/2 + 1, end);
  return merge(first, second);
// merge(first, second) - is regular merging of two arrays

ss on Jan 12, 2015

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Anonymous on Oct 2, 2019

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