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Sales Interview Irving, TX

Do you have a fax machine to send in your acceptance?


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Don't get too comfortable, the narcissistic monster lurks around the corner. Ask about the tenure of previous salespeople. Ask about the product training you will receive. Don't take your resume of the street, you'll need it soon- in trouble by Christmas and gone in Jan.

Former Sales fool on Oct 5, 2013

I've seen salespeople leave in 2-3 three days, some in a week. I've also seen mrktg. mgrs. stay just a few days, Sls mgrs. a few months and VP's of sales a very short time.
They all leave because of the CEO and his bullying BS. If you are there a month or so the stuff (beat downs) starts and you'll be run out by month 4. None of this makes sense, and is quite expensive for the company, but has repeated itself for years. Obviously, the CEO, Tim (former migrant farm worker) is willing to waste money while getting his kicks pushing people around. Take his money while looking for a real and professional job.

Bewildered on Oct 6, 2013

Now that you have a few months under your belt, give us your thoughts

Been there on Dec 20, 2013

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