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Estimate how many shoes can be sold in US in one year?


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I can not recall I solve it at that time.. it is a pretty difficult question, needs a lot of assumptions

Interview Candidate on May 22, 2012

The way I tried to solve this is breaking 300 M population of US into social classes. I have the estimate of % pop of each class using wiki. Thereafter, for each class estimate the number of shoes for males and females separately.

For each segment, I divided the #pairs each person could have for work, home/casual, Other/party. Sum up to get #pairs for each person in each segment. Finally get the weighted average of #pairs across all classes and multiply by the total population.

My answer was: around 4 Billion

csd on Dec 16, 2012

I checked a link on the google which says that on an average 2.4 B shoes are sold in US in an year.

csd on Dec 16, 2012

csd, is certainly answering a question that is similar to (and more reasonable than) what was asked, but you aren't answering the exact question.

In particular, they ask "how many shoes" not "how many PAIRS of shoes", so you'd presumably have to multiply your answer by 2.

Additionally, they ask how many CAN be sold, not how many will likely be sold. So, to be "detail-oriented" you'd instead want to try and estimate, not how many people will buy, but how many could possible be sold in the US. In which case, you need to consider the cost of the materials/labor, the amount of the materials/labor available, the rate at which shoes can be made, and the total amount of payment that people in the US could pay. To make it statistical, throw in some distributional assumptions and error estimates, and you'll have an answer for them, give or take some amount.

But, that is really pedantic... So, if you answer with this, they might just ask you to leave.

Person on Mar 10, 2016

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