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Explain the graphics pipeline in a GPU core.


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Aside from the generic steps (transformations from object space to world space and then into camera space and from there into screen space. There are other steps in which the scene gets clipped and screen coordinates are calculated) this guy was looking for a more-in depth knowledge on the graphics pipeline specifically the rasterization phase. Study up this bit or at least get an idea of what these steps are about!

Interview Candidate on Aug 28, 2010

Direct SDK has a good explanation of all GPUs currently in use. Basically: Input Assembly, Vertex Shader, Geometry Shader, Rasterization Stage, Pixel Shader, Output Merger. (DX11 has a few more stages).

Anonymous on Oct 29, 2010

vertex shader -> geometry shader -> clipping -> screen mapping -> triangle setup -> triangle traversal -> pixel shader -> merger

Anonymous on Oct 22, 2014

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