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Mechanical Engineering Associate Interview(Student Candidate) San Diego, CA

First interview: 2/3 behavioral questions - How would you

  prepare for an interview? 1/3 technical questions - What are the types of head you need to consider when trying to transfer water from point A (downhill) to point B (uphill)? - What is bernoulli's equation? Second interview: 3/4 behavioral questions (some from the first interview) - What would you do if you and your supervisor had conflicting ideas and both of you thought you were right? 1/4 technical questions - What are the 3 modes of heat transfer? What are some examples of each one?

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Conduction ......direct contact between two object (cooking is twice conduction 1 is from the burner to the metal plate 2. from the metal to the food)
convection........boiling pot of water
Radiation..........indirect contact between objects ( heat of sunlight to people)

arnaud on Mar 19, 2018

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