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Software Development Engineer Interview Palo Alto, CA

First question: for a random-ordered bucket of numbers

  1 through 3000 with one number missing, how would you detect which number is missing?

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bubble sort it and stop at the first number that >1 than the previous number already sorted number.
you found the gap !

Serban Moisei on Jul 14, 2010

Compute the sum of 1 to 3000, call this number N. Then compute the sum of the bucket of numbers, call this number S.

The missing number is now equal to N - S.

Peter Chng on Jul 16, 2010

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xor all elements in the bucket -> A. now xor 1-3000 -> B. A xor B -> C. C is your answer

teitojin on Nov 9, 2010

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