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Updated Sep 25, 2015

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I applied through a recruiter. The process took 3 weeks. I interviewed at GE Healthcare (Milwaukee, WI) in Sep 2015


A recruiter first contacted me after finding my resume in their database. He said that I looked like I would be a good fit for the position they had available. He set up a phone interview which lasted about 20 min with general ?'s. I was then setup with an interview with a sales associate a week later. This gentleman was very nice and asked general ?'s and stressed the importance of the travel aspect of this position. He reviewed my resume and then said that he was setting up a technical interview to discuss my respiratory therapy background. A week later I was contacted by a respiratory therapist in a very similar role that I would be in. He also reviewed my resume and asked me very specific ?'s about ventilator modes and how I would approach teaching this to anesthesiologists. A very good interview but I was stumped on a few key parts. I did not think I would make it to the next round. A few days after this interview I was contacted by GE Travel asking if I could fly out to Milwaukee, WI for a panel interview. It was very quick. I had to change my work schedule to comply with this request. I never thought I would make it this far so I didn't have time to prepare for another interview. After reading other posts on glassdoor about the panel interview process I thought I would be answering situational ?'s a time where you had to overcome adversity, blah blah blah. This was not the case. I was sat down with a HR representative, a sales guy and the sales hiring manager. I was immediately asked, "what research did you do about this position and tell me specifics?" My answers were not liked. Second question, "what anesthesia equipment does GE use and tell me how you found that information?" bombed that question. Third question, "what anesthesia equipment does your current hospital use and who is our main competitor?" bombed that question. The interview lasted about 25 min total. It was scheduled for 45 min. The hiring managers face throughout most of the interview was of disgust and complete lack of respect. Unfortunately I did not have another RT in the room to save me from my inevitable suicide. This interview would have been more suited for the phone if they were trying to learn more about me as a candidate. I felt like the crickets in the room were the only ones trying to help me get through a question. This panel really had no clue about what a respiratory therapist job function was. It was immediately apparent that a critical care RT for seven years in the ICU and ER's had nothing to do with what kind of employee they were looking for. RT's do not work in surgery centers. RT's in general do not work in OR's during a procedure unless somebody is actively dying. RT's do not tell Anesthesiologists what mode of ventilation to use on a patient that is coming out of OR. We can always suggest these things but we do not give orders to MD's. There is a complete disconnect between a sales team and clinical specialist (RT) at GE and that was made apparent during this final interview. I was very disappointed at how this team interviewed me and the ignorant, unimportant, irrelevant ?'s that were being asked of me. It was a complete waste of my time and I will NEVER fly out to interview again with GE. If they want to hire me over the phone then I will have to think very hard before I accept because I would definitely never want to work with a hiring manager like the one I interviewed with this week. It is very unfortunate too because everyone I interviewed with before that panel was very respectful, courteous, and didn't make you feel dumb for not being able to answer a question. Hiring the right candidate is not just about nailing the perfect interview. Hiring the right candidate is about asking the right questions that pertain the to the position and I would say bringing someone in from that candidates field. How was there no RT in that room when they are hiring an RT for the position? Worst interview experience ever!! I have not heard back from them yet and when I check my application status it still says "interview planned". Even if I got a call tomorrow saying that I was accepted I would 100% turn down the job so that I can work side by side with people that respect me and value me for my knowledge.

Interview Questions
  • From the panel sales guy, "what modes of ventilation would you discuss with an anesthesiologist about different procedures like laparoscopic or general anesthesia cases".
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  • From the sales guy, "name our biggest competitors?
  • Hiring manager asks, "name our equipment and how you found this information specifically".
  • Hiring manager asks, "tell me exactly what your job description is word for word as it was posted online".