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I applied through a recruiter. The process took a week. I interviewed at GREE International Entertainment (San Francisco, CA) in October 2012.


I did an afternoon's worth of interviews at Gree for a software engineering position.

I spoke with three potential co-workers plus the recruiter. Usually in interviewing situations, the H.R. person is the most dry and by-the-book discussion out of all while the teammates closest to me as a candidate are the most engaging; but in the Gree interviewing case, the recruiter person was the most animated, forthcoming and refreshingly candid person out of the group (she seems to be well aware that the company has been thoroughly bashed by employees on Glassdoor, which she attributed to trouble getting the acquired companies integrated culturally).

The team members I spoke with, on the other hand, were as boring as a box of rocks and didn't make me feel like I'd be inspired to do my best as an engineer. The hiring manager was friendly enough, but had impressively black circles under his eyes (i.e. which I took to be a sign of not getting nearly enough sleep?).

The office environment I saw was a building floor full of long tables, people sitting at their stations. While I've worked in this environment before and it works well for some engineers, for myself I'd prefer either an individual office (e.g. what one might find at Adobe or Google) or a cubicle with higher walls so I can concentrate on the task at hand.

By the time this review gets posted, Gree will be back at in China Basin (near the ballpark). So I'm not 100% certain what the office environment there will be like, but overall Gree just didn't seem like the best or happiest place for me to hang my hat.

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