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Get ready for swearing during the interview process...


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So how did you get the 30% statistic?

Miguel on Nov 15, 2012

Miguel, the turn over rate for the sales people is very high. they said that number...I bet it is even less now.

Was there on Nov 15, 2012

Ave stay now for employees? Sales People? Not good...high turn over...

Try again... on Jan 9, 2013

there is a high turn-over for employees. The lack of training for new hires, and investment in their people is completely lacking. The salary is a joke.

annyomous on Mar 18, 2013

I am sure the turn-over is less than 30% as well. In the few months I worked there, only 2 people stayed out of 1-3 new hires a week (just for one market).

annyomous on Mar 18, 2013

Love to see the growth in Miguel. Look at the number of bad responses on this very popular site and see people don't like working there...they feel burned and it's due to the sales management being not truthful and shady that people go out of their way to write how bad it is...too bad cool idea and could be great

Coming back again for answers on Apr 5, 2013

If this company is doing so well why is it the responses are so bad...they sill have the same manager...amazing...go to store which have their product (if you can find them) and ask them...they will say they feel riped off and it does not work as it should have...check out a Belly one and it's off the chart better...check out another company...this company is just filled with managers who are not telling the truth.

Back Again on Jan 30, 2014

Went to a store in Petaluma and thy had removed the tablet. They said it was terrible. Using a punch card worked better.

Anonymous on Dec 26, 2014

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