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Software Development Engineer Intern Interview(Student Candidate) Los Angeles, CA

Given a 3x3 keypad with ABC on number 2, DEF on number

  3 and so on. Given a set of numbers, output all the english words that can be obtained from it. Assume an in-built function exists to check if the given word is an english word or not. Eg: inuput: 228, output: bat, cat, act and so on.

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public static List wordCount(int input1, int input2, int input3){
List[] LL = new List[10]();
LL[1] = new List(a, b, c);...etc.
String temp = NULL;
List[0] = new List();
    for(char ch1 : LL[input1]){
        for(char ch2 : LL[input2]){
            for(char ch3 : LL[input3]{
                temp = "" + ch1 + ch2 + ch3;
    return LL[0];

I'm sure this has errors but it should do the trick and only took a few minutes to whip up.

Anonymous on Dec 14, 2015

phone_keybord = {

num = list(map(int,input()))

def gen_string(prefix, location, num, generated, phone_keybord):
    for i in range(len(phone_keybord[num[location]])):
        if(len(prefix)==len(num) and is_eng_word(''.join(prefix))):
            gen_string(prefix, location+1, num, generated, phone_keybord)

solution = []

gen_string([],0,num,solution, phone_keybord)

for i in range(len(solution)):

Anonymous on Jun 12, 2016

The problem is here if some one wants to practice.

Anonymous on Feb 14, 2017

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