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Given a bipartite graph, separate the vertices into two


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im assume given an adjacency list
and non-directed graph

func bipGraph(adjList) {
 if(adjList.size == 0) return
  frontier = {adjList[0]}
  copyfrontier = frontier
  set1 ={curr}
  set2 = {}
  curr = [set1, set2]
  i = 1;
  while(frontier.size > 0 ) {
     for(item in copyfrontier) {
       for(neighbors in item) {
       delete item from adjList
       delete item from frontier
     copyfrontier = frontier
     i = (i+1)%2


//typed this up really fast, lemme know what errors and how to optimize this.... seems ridic slow

John on Oct 24, 2013

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