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Given a class A and another (B) that inherits from it, if

  you have a method that casts B to A and invokes a method x() that both A and B implement, which class's implementation is invoked?

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Isn't this a trick question since multiple inheritence is not allowed in java?

newb on Aug 29, 2011

class B's method will be called.

nobody on Dec 1, 2011

nut shell b is called
program i have not compiled and run but should work :)

public class A


  public void x()


System.out.println("i am in A");



public class B extends A


  public void x()


System.out.println("i am in B");



public class calling


public static void main String args[]


A a = new A()

a.x();// a is called

B b = new B()

b.x() // b is called

a=b //casts B to a. allowed

b.x()// //b is called

a.x()/ //b is called

jack on Jan 30, 2012

Jack is right. Once executed "a=b" then a.x() method will call x method in class B

SC Chen on Sep 28, 2012

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