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Given: three clamped NMOS transistors in series with Vcc at

  the beginning. The output of the final one went into the source of a PFET, with the drain tied to ground and the gate tied to some voltage, I forget exactly what. I was asked to label the voltage at each node, and then which state the PFET was in.

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Each NMOS transistor dropped Vcc down by .7v due to VT drop for a total drop of 2.1v. I don't remember what the gate of the PFET was at, but the voltages were such that the state was unexpected.

Sorry for the cruddy recollection, but it was awhile ago.

Interview Candidate on Feb 8, 2012

Just to add to the above remark, NMOS when ON does not pass a good High Voltage, the source side is always Vth below the gate voltage (ensuring ON state). Assuming Vth is 0.7V and the 3 NMOS are ON using VDD the net drop across the 3 transistors is VDD - (3 x 0.7) = VDD - 2.1

Depending on VDD and Gate voltage at PMOS you can come up with its state.

NCG (ASU) on Jun 15, 2012

if all gates of NMOS are connected to Vdd then it'll only degrade once which is Vdd-Vtn for the first NMOS, for the rest of two NMOS it can pass the full Vdd-Vtn

Han on Jun 28, 2012

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