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Associate Product Manager Interview Mountain View, CA

Google is thinking of creating an all internet car

 , brainstorm some interesting use cases!

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No need to carry devices like GPS, smartphone and music. Everything is available onboard.

Siri like interface to control various functions, including driving.

Ability to connect to other cars for up to the second road conditions

Ability to find and drive to the cheapest stores/gas stations etc on route

Ability to collect information from email for reminders about groceries etc.

Self driving unit

techlvr11 on Mar 11, 2013

Internet + car = Internet is rich in Data, and now you just have another computer that can drive itself.

Also when you think of a car, don't just limit yourself to consumer cars. How about delivery cars, and moving services e.t.c.

The key is that there is plenty of data, and now the car can get triggers from the environment and make smart decisions.

1) Self drive and navigate using maps.
2) Entertainment is more useful, it not only does what spotify do. But its more relevant. For example, as you drive by a museum, it can tell you all about the museum. Or the reviews about a restaurant. On the history of that building
3)Predict accidents by knowing other smart cars and drivers around you and their driving history, it can predict the likelihood of an accident and adjust your driving

4) Personal assistant, it syncs with your smart watch and calendar. It can map the best routes to achieve all the things on your calendar. For example, say you have buy flowers for my girlfriend. As you drive around town, it will alert you if you are close to flower shop. Heat up your seats before you get in. Because it knows what time you wake up coz its on your smart phone calendar. In can remind and update.

5) Send signal in terms of accidents

6) Predict your driving ability. While wearing a smart watch, it can know if you heart rate is up and can suggest taking a break to prevent accidents.

7) Your car knows all about you, it can have very strong security. Infact, it can adjust sitting based on height and weight

8)Can self service itself with repairs.

Anonymous on Oct 30, 2014

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