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Information Technology Career Foundation Program (ITCFP) Interview Renton, WA

Group interviews ask you to solve a problem (like a

  business case). Mine asked us to solve a problem concerning information and a need make it accurate, eradicate old information and make changes in real time. Also help people have certain level of access to this information. If I had known I wouldnt have said much, cuz I didnt know much. My advice is: Let people talk. You do the listening and contribute what you know. It is timed like this: 15 minutes to go over the problem with by yourself, in the interviewer's presence. There are like 4 interviewers that wont say a thing and are writing their evaluations of you (you are with your team, but you are not allowed to talk to them in these 15 minutes). 30 minutes to plan with your team about what the solution will be. This where you need to talk and be wary of your interviewers (I suggest you read up on group interviews of this sort). During this time, yall need to find time to know how you intend to present your solution to him. 5 minutes to present your findings to the head interviewer (he will make himself known).

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