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Have you ever been on a boat? (Creative Open-ended question)


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I related a personal story and added a funny touch to it.

Interview Candidate on Feb 20, 2013


Capt. Ahab on Jan 21, 2014

Yes, I was actually born in the hold of a fishing trawler off the coast of Antarctica. (When the interviewer says, "Really?", I say, "No. But yes, I have been on a boat."

Erica Kuno on Jan 21, 2014

I have been always sailing on new boats taking adventures & exploring sea's.

Prashant Sadrani on Jan 22, 2014

I've been on four powered boats, two sail boats, a ski-doo, a rowboat, and a canoe in the water and six powered boats in show rooms, and on one ship, the LST-325. I was also in a submarine at Disneyland. That was an electric boat.

C Magnus on Jan 22, 2014

No, next question...

-B- on Jan 23, 2014

First I would start describing a boat in detail to make sure I understand the question clearly. Then, never answer the question.

Anonymous on Jan 23, 2014

Not yet - But I will be someday, when I finally get rescued off of this stupid island you put me on way back in Question #1

Anonymous on Jan 23, 2014

Never, EVER..get off the boat.

- Apocalypse Now

Anonymous on Jan 23, 2014

Yes, I used to love sailing it close to the beach on Isola del Giglio and waving at the nice ladies on the beach.

Anonymous on Jan 23, 2014

We're all on the boat of life - wouldn't you say sir ? ? ? ?

...just drifting through two ships passing in the night.....

Anonymous on Jan 23, 2014

I was in a horrible boating accident... I spent days at sea a drift on the floating wreckage... I was the only survivor. (queue awkward silence).

Anonymous on Jan 24, 2014

- Does a ferry count as a boat?
- Yes
- Then I haven't

MM on Jan 29, 2014

Yes I have, unfortunately there was a tiger on it. Fortunately I sold the movie rights

Sander on Jan 29, 2014

Q : Have you ever been on a boat? (Creative Open-ended question)
A : Yes, I do
Q : Where ?
A : Kora kora at Dufan (like disneyland at Jakarta, Indonesia)

Adikin on Feb 2, 2014

You probably never heard of the Titanic. Does the Hindenburg count as a boat?
OH, the Costa Concordia...Now there's a funny story...

Donald on Feb 9, 2014

Yes, I was a Captain in the Zimbabwean navy.

Dennis on Apr 10, 2015

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