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Getting an Interview






Software Engineer Interview

Anonymous Interview Candidate in Honolulu, HI
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I applied online. The process took 3+ months. I interviewed at Hawaiian Airlines (Honolulu, HI).


Applied online. Took two entire months to get an email back saying they were interested in talking to me. They're lucky I wasn't looking for anything else or they would have missed me. Note to HR...available software engineers don't stick around that long.

Within a few days I had a 30 minute phone interview with their HR recruiter who described the basic job and an overview of the salary benefits.

A few days later, I got an email that they wanted to do a one hour web chat interview with an IT manager. It covered basic object oriented coding questions that you get at a typical interview (What is SOLID, Do you know any design patterns, etc). He then asked me to share my computer screen and use Visual Studio to code out a solution to the string palindrome algorithm.

I thought I messed up the interview and didn't expect a call back. First interview in a few years. I was a bit rusty. They never ask the questions that one covers in real life coding.

Anyway, several days later I received an email inviting me to fly out to Honolulu for an in person interview. I was a little surprised. I got the date set for a following weekend, got the ticket and hotel info emailed to me and managed to get two days off of work without too much suspicion by my boss.

I flew out. The flight landed at 12:30pm and the interviews were to start at 2pm. Do NOT try to go to your hotel to change clothes. It is way to far away. Plus the airport is humid and there isn't a place to freshen up. I managed to find a plug to iron out a few wrinkles in my clothes. I took a taxi to the interview location (visible from the front curb of the terminal) and arrived 15 minutes prior as requested.

I was ushered past a pile of people working in a very open office environment. Aka, everyone was sitting in rows at long table desks with maybe five feet of desktop space with two monitors each. Absolutely no privacy and everyone had a little stalk attached to the top of their monitor with a colored light that indicated if they were available, in a meeting, or do not disturb (hooked up to outlook calendar). It was pretty noisy and hot in there. Not sure how I would ever concentrate working in that environment. Major red flag to be honest.

I went into a conference room that was thankfully much cooler and went through a series of interviews with a couple teams. They asked me if I was familiar with a few proprietary database and reservation systems (I wasn't...curious this wasn't sorted out before flying me all the way there). Asked me more of the typical coding questions any junior developer should know. Then asked me to whiteboard how to write the division remainder modulus function and how you would figure that out manually and then test it. That wasn't real hard to figure out. No idea how that was relevant to anything I'd ever do in real life. I decided to do it in JavaScript rather than C#. No reason other than I felt like it.

After the interview they called me a taxi to take me to the hotel in Waikiki. It was a nice location but took forever to get there in rush hour traffic. Finally made it by sundown. That was a pricey taxi ride. The hotel stay included a free dinner voucher and a free breakfast voucher at a couple nearby restaurants. The food was okay. I went to Maui Brewing Company after dinner and had a much better time.

Flight back home was the next morning. I could have stayed longer if I paid my own extra nights and food. I had somewhere to be so I didn't. The flights were nice. HA has nice airplanes. Airbus 330's are quite comfy and they serve free food, a few rounds of basic drinks, and a rum drink an hour before landing. I didn't partake of the rum on the way because it was so close to the interview but I doubt it would have mattered. It wasn't that big of a portion. Typical plastic airline cup with ice in it.

Overall a fun experience but what a convoluted process just to talk to someone. Seems rather inefficient and expensive to try to impress candidates. They said they had a stock bonus as part of the compensation but with the stock price cutting in half the past year or so I wasn't holding my breath that was going to amount to much.

The other interview comments on Glass Door about the process were right on track.

The next week I got the typical boilerplate email that said "After careful consideration, we regret to inform you that you were not selected for the position. Although we were unable to consider you at this time, we invite you to apply with us again in the future. We sincerely appreciate your interest in Hawaiian Airlines."

No feedback whatsoever after all that hoop jumping. If you want a free trip to Hawaii apply for a job and maybe you'll get to go in a few months. Personally I think it's easier to sign up for a timeshare presentation and get free Disney World tickets if travel is your motivation.

Interview Questions

  • Solve the algorithm for palindromes. Create a function to get the remainder of a division problem (The % operator but do it manually).   1 Answer

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    Software Engineer Interview

    Anonymous Employee in Honolulu, HI
    Accepted Offer
    Positive Experience
    Average Interview


    I applied online. The process took 3 weeks. I interviewed at Hawaiian Airlines (Honolulu, HI).


    Got an email to do a phone screening. Was contacted the next day. Was asked about my technical background.
    Then a day or two later I got an email to set up a video conference interview. That lasted about an hour and I was asked technical questions along with 2 coding challenges at the end.
    I got an email early the next week saying they wanted me to come to Hawaii for in person interviews.
    They flew me out the following week and I had 3 interviews lined up 2 hours after my flight.
    The 3 interviews lasted 30min , 1hr & 1hr respectively. the last two I was given a series of coding challenges to do on the whiteboard. All of the interviews started with me with me explaining my experience.
    Everyone during the entire process was incredibly helpful and kind. It was a great experience.
    I received an offer letter for employment before the week ended when I got back from Hawaii.

    Interview Questions

    • Write a function that preforms modularity   Answer Question
    • Write a function that accepts 2 strings and returns true if the second string is a substring of the first.   Answer Question
    • Fizz Buzz   Answer Question
    • Write a function that accepts a string and returns true if that string is a palindrome   Answer Question

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