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Product Manager Interview Chicago, IL

He led off the interview by asking me what questions I had

  for him. I was caught slightly off guard as I was expecting to be put through ringer. In my previous interview there had only been time for two of my questions, so I didn't have that many prepared. In this particular interview about 30-40 minutes of the hour long interview was devoted to questions I had for him, so I had to come up with a lot of them on the fly. I believe he was also assessing my Product Management knowledge based upon the kinds of questions I was asking.

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Prepare intelligent questions that let the interviewer know that you are genuinely trying to assess whether Google is actually the place you should be working.

Interview Candidate on Apr 1, 2014

For PMs - ask about a typical day of work, ask about the products they are involved in, which teams they get to work with, how many hours of the day they spend in meeting, is there a room to suggest your own ideas (even if they are crazy and out of the blue), is the work with an agile env, what do you like most about the job, what parts you less like about the job.
For PM director - tell me which products are under your supevision, how did you become a PM (did you start with a technical role first?), what do you like about being a product director?
For software developer - how much time do you spend with the PM, is he part of a certain team?, Do you feel like PMs at google are technical enough?, agian - ask about agile and flexibility, have you ever consider wtiching to a PM like role

Limor on Aug 22, 2014

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