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How are M&M's made?


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I said that the chocolate was solid and then dipped into the candy shell

Interview Candidate on Apr 7, 2010

They use hybrid dung beetles to roll the balls in candy coating! Going Green at M&M's

nb on Jan 4, 2011

with magic. that's why some of them talk.

pt on Jan 11, 2011

Reply back asking exactly how many M&Ms will you be expected to make each day.

Dave on Jan 11, 2011

Say, "through teamwork!" Then turn to the nearest mirror, smile wildly and give an energetic thumbs-up! (It is best to assume it is a one-way mirror and that you are being watched).

jato on Jan 11, 2011


Maximus on Jan 11, 2011

One batch at a time.

Me on Jan 11, 2011

When a Mommy M and a Daddy M love each other very, very much....

Seriously, they make the chocolate first, cool it, separate them into their smaller spheres, then put into Panners where the sugar layers are added, dyed the different colors, then waxed (no kidding, very thin layer though). Then they go down a conveyor belt to get the M stamped on them.

Dave H on Jan 11, 2011

elves. i'm quite certain they are made by elves. how else would they talk, and refuse to get in the bowl.

leephil on Jan 18, 2011

Two theories.

1.) They are coated with the shell and then while the shell is still liquid dropped from such a height that the shell cools on the way down therefore making the shell perfect with no seam or spot where it was set down.

2.) Put into molds, shell is pumped into molds then the candy is tumbled to remove the spot where the shell was injected, this will also make the candy shiney

I have a feeling its probably number 2 but my mom posed this question to me when I was like 7 and I came up with the first answer, it always seemed much cooler

Neyshan on Jan 19, 2011


Anonymous on Oct 6, 2016

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