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How honest are you?


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100% honest, only lied once in my life.-Now

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2014

Not very, including the answer to this question...

Brent on Jan 21, 2014

I'm so honest that working for a company that has an employee rating of only 2.0 out of 5 was one of my last choices of potential employers.

Mike on Jan 21, 2014

Honest enough to inform you, your question sucks

Nick on Jan 21, 2014

There is honest and dishonest. I don't believe in variable honesty. That's not to say that I am honest nor perfect, but being honest indicates depth of character. And I strive to be honest.

Erica Kuno on Jan 21, 2014

Shooot. Did I say you look like a great company to work for? Need I say more?

Anon E Mouse on Jan 21, 2014

"It's my biggest character flaw" ....
"I don't think honesty is a flaw..."
"I don't care what you think."

Dave on Jan 21, 2014

Always completely honest. Which if I was a liar, then I'd be lying. But if I said I was always lying about everything, would I be lying about that too? Therefore the question is fundamentally flawed

Ed on Jan 21, 2014

Average honesty. Is this a critical requirement that nobody else could fill?

Bruce on Jan 21, 2014

This statement is false.

Logician on Jan 21, 2014

I am as honest as your question is. You decide the percentage of honesty to your question & the same would be the answer to your question.

Prashant Sadrani on Jan 22, 2014

How honest do you need me to be?

someone on Jan 22, 2014

i'm not...therefore i am...

=z= on Jan 22, 2014

Norman, coordinate..

C Magnus on Jan 22, 2014

I am the most honest dishonest person there is.

Anonymous on Jan 23, 2014

Pretty fu@king honest

Kevin on Jan 23, 2014

Very. Honestly - trust me.

Anonymous on Jan 23, 2014

Well..... since this position is to be your Executive Assistant... let's clarify the question....

 - when you ask How Honest are you - do you mean, like ,,,being honest when it comes to covering for your rear end when your wife keeps asking me if you're having an affair with the 23 year old blond bimbo down the hall here ?

....well ... I don't have to be honest about THAT ...if you don't want me to be

...I guess

Anonymous on Jan 23, 2014

That's a strange question...Why do you ask ?

Are you running some kind of organized crime ring out of this company or something ?

Anonymous on Jan 23, 2014

I don't like your company.

Sarah on Jan 23, 2014

Honest enough to tell you I don't want to work for a company with a 2 star rating on

Anonymous on Jan 24, 2014

I lie in every sentence, so I am very dishonest.

Notice this ANswer is a paradox, If what I say was true, then I am infact being honest in this question, answering truthfully. If what I said was false, it meant that I am a honest person but I just lied to you about being honest.

Steve on Jan 27, 2014

If i am answerable to my Soul,you will Find me amongst the Top People in the List of honesty.

Ali on Jan 27, 2014

depending upon your understanding capacity. you are the judge to mesure my honesty.

kulasekhara on Jan 27, 2014

Very honest, but that doesn't mean that I will disclose everything.

DannyR on Jan 29, 2014

How honest are yooouu?

Lyn on Jan 29, 2014

As honest a human can be

Hunter on Feb 2, 2014

You would not know it if not familiar with me and my answer or most people can express is 'i'm very honest"

Adikin on Feb 2, 2014

"That suit looks nice on you!"

Vic Rad on Apr 9, 2014

4 out of 5

Surya Pratap Singh on May 31, 2014

What an interesting questions. If I tell you that I am an honest person, I could be lying, which in tern makes me a liar. I could be telling the truth, and actually be an honest person, but how would you know? Would a liar really call themselves a liar, or would they lie and state that they are honest? I think my actions would speak louder than my words. Please, feel free to contact my previous employers, as well as the references I have provided. They can tell you about their personal experiences with me, and then you can determine from that information if I am an honest person or not. Personally, I feel that I am as honest as I can be.

Anonymous on Mar 13, 2015

If I told you I was dishonest, I would be lying.

Dennis on Apr 10, 2015

I'm probably the most honest person you will ever meet. Honesty died with the old timers. Sadly but true.

Anonymous on Nov 10, 2015

As honest as I need to be, but no more.

Anonymous on May 2, 2016

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