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How lucky are you and why?

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Studies have shown that what we call "luck" often boils down to the ability to notice an opportunity. Being alert, engaged, and creative is what lets you find and create those opportunities that others may have missed. I've never gotten more than $5 from a lotto scratcher, but I'm a very lucky person.

Mark on


I don't believe in luck-I believe in effort!

mac on


I always tell myself that luck is where preparation meets opportunity and I get lucky every now and then because I try to always be prepared in case any great opportunity might be passing by

Rex on


Luck and misfortune are statistics and the law of averages taken personally.

Chris on


sometimes I'm lucky and sometimes I just seize an opportunity that flies by

TheSheik on


I am incredibly lucky. In fact, I won $100 million in the lottery. And I am interviewing for this lousy job, because, ya know, I just love to spend 8 hours a day doing mindless tasks until my brain leaks out of my ears.

Phil on


I am so lucky, I'm like Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut when he almost had relations with a prostitute, but didn't because his wife called, and later he found out that she had HIV.

Murb on


The harder I work, the luckier I get!

Shawn on


Luck for me is nothing but consistent & persistent efforts to explore opportunities & grab them. Thus I feel, I am lucky always & people see me as Luck for them for obvious reasons.

Prashant Sadrani on


I consider my self very lucky. I don't think anyone possess the property "good luck" where in go fish they would always fish what they wish. I am lucky to have been born in america, to have found the love of my life and for many other things. I think success is a combination of luck and hard work.

Paul Heintzelman on


I'm so lucky that life led me to this interview opportunity!

Mike on


I m lucky coz m born as a human being. I can Think, Imagine and Feel this beautiful world around me..I can think what i want and i can convert my dreams into reality :)

Archana on


I would say incredibly lucky. Lucky enough to be born in America. Lucky to have caring parents who taught me the value of education and hard work. Lucky enough to attend undergraduate and masters programs at top US universities. Lucky enough to have a family who I love and who loves me. And finally, lucky enough to interview with my dream company, a company that is disrupting and revolutionizing the world of real estate and hospitality- Airbnb!

Hunter on


Lucky enough that I'm the best at what I do.

Smug on


let success follows you rather than following success,,then sure luck will come after you



"You make your own luck!"

Sandra M Kristal on


At least we both are interact for a moment with a reason. This is luck.

kulasekhara on


This much because not that much.

sahaj on


Cause I am going to get the best job at your company with a pay I desire and work I dream of

Hunter on


Naturally I was very lucky person because I am always smiling and not angry with any situation that happened to me. Receive all the criticism to correct the mistakes that I have done to make it better in the future. Because I will not be criticized if I do something perfect

Adikin on


Lucky?!!! Instead, prepare, opportunity and make the best of the situation....Then GOD Bless your Effort

Bola on


Some consider luck a bad thing b/c it implies waiting for it to come to you but I believe you create your own luck; only if it has been recognized, otherwise you'll miss an opportunity of a lifetime, similar to the one I have before me today.

Jess B. on


Defining luck as advantages I received that I can not attribute to skill. My greatest achievements in terms of luck have to be attributed to A) being born at all and B) being born in a situation that allowed for lots of opportunities. I'm not going to guess how lucky A makes me because, the odds of being born vs not born seem more philosophy than anything else. In terms of B about 15% of the world lives in a developed country with similar opportunities as I have, so to answer how lucky am I. I'm in the top 15% of luckiest people currently alive.

Ryan Cooke on


Among my age cohort, I would people as lucky or more lucky than me are about 1 in 1,000 or 10,000. I was born into a rich country, my childhood did not have any major risk factors for major adult issues (depression, addiction, poverty, unhappiness,etc.), I was able to attend good colleges, and I don't have any physical deformities or serious mental issues. Using income percentiles as a proxy, I would say I was born, minimally in the 0.1% of luckiest people globally, and I think there is a 1x-10x premium for circumstances on top of that. So 0.01% luckiest.

Bill on


I always Do What am Contended With Which is peace with Right morals or not illegal.Therefore i am lucky.My Heart's Contentment and Luck are two phases of Same Coin.

Ali on


Harder I work, Luckier i get :)

JJ on


I known the truth and the truth will set u free.

N Griffin on


Define "lucky" please

Anonymous on


I don't believe in luck. I believe in the spontaneity of life and the ability to see the silver lining in a situation and to see an opportunity that is right under your nose. I also believe we can create our own opportunities.

Mariam on


i'm not-because i am...

=z= on


I do not beieve in luck, but I believe in being blessed. I believe i am blessed because I am alive considering several dangerous things that happened. I have no objection to using the word "luck" at my own discretion because it does not mean anything except as a pedestrian term in connection to statistics.

C Magnus on


There is good luck and bad luck, but it is actually like positive and negative energy rather than simply good or bad. A stroke of bad luck can stir a chain of events that bring good things just as easily as good luck can have unforeseen effects that are not so good. So, the best luck is controlled luck, but that is really just no luck because luck is not believed to be controlled. Only leprechauns believe in luck.

w3techie on


I'm lucky to be alive. Because on my way here, a bicyclist ran straight into me, and just as I managed to get back up onto my feet, a bus slammed straight into me, and threw me 457 feet (I measured) into a huge rose bush, and 27 thorns stabbed me in the esophagus. And here I am, sitting here talking to you, with a scratch.

Jeannie on


I'm very lucky because I have 5 grandkids

Larry Smith on


I don't believe in luck. I believe God blesses us. Sometimes that's an immediately good thing and sometimes it takes awhile for us to see how good it is.

Jane on

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