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Local Data Quality Evaluator Interview Mountain View, CA

How many cows are in Canada

two and more cows are in canada.

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It depends.........

Interview Candidate on Jul 10, 2012

Ask the folks at Department of ... whichever the department that already has this information. There is no need to start from scratch if this information is already available from a trustworthy source.

But, if this department doesn't exist, then we can start by:
- estimating the population of Canada
- the number who drink cow milk and how much
- the percentage of milk imported
- the percentage of milk exported
- the percentage of milk wasted
- the percentage of milk used in other products
- the amount of milk produced by a cow
- from these numbers, get an estimate of the number of cows

PS on Sep 2, 2012

The approach should be as follows, please correct or improve the answer.
1. Estimate how much cow milk is produced in a day in Canada before it is processed and so on. A cow produces milk everyday except except for a time before it becomes pregnant with another calf. Read more:

2. Find out how much milk a cow produces per day on an average.

3. Divide #1 by #2 and you should have an answer. This is an approx answer.

AB on Jan 11, 2013

if u hav doubt on it go and count it

Sachin on Jan 12, 2013

Let me Google it

Mark on Jan 14, 2013

The number of cows is irrelevant, as long as each region in Canada has a high enough percentage of bovine to supply a stable flow of milk, cheese, ect.

Alan on Jan 17, 2013

So by assuming cows are only used for milk production, the first two answers are already wrong. What about meat production?

ken on Jan 17, 2013

Less than the US.

Jason Melo Hall on Jan 17, 2013

13.2 million according to WolframAlpha. :-)

Joe on Jan 17, 2013

To which Cows do you refer? Are you strictly speaking about bovine cows, or do you also want to include Elk, Moose, etc?

Mike on Jan 17, 2013

I don't know, however I am sure that if required to find this information I could.

Steve on Jan 17, 2013

Zero. There are no 'cows' in 'canada'.
Or I guess 0.25 since they share the letter c.

JH on Jan 17, 2013
7 says about 1.5 million dairy cows and heifers, and says about 5 million beef animals.

so, about 6.5 million head, for about 35 million Canadian humans.

Ray on Jan 17, 2013

Send bunch of Google guys to count the cows. After that they will probably stop asking those questions.

Anonymous on Jan 17, 2013

None - that I know personally

Roger Rexx on Jan 17, 2013

Just as many as there need to be.

Dan on Jan 17, 2013

Google it!

Anonymous on Jan 17, 2013

Mooooooore than enough

Jen on Jan 17, 2013

All of them.

andrea on Jan 17, 2013

Count the number of cow legs and divide by 4 - duh.

Mike on Jan 17, 2013

It depends on the day. Cow consumption varies greatly day by day.

Shane on Jan 17, 2013

The only thing i can think to say is... it's an endlessly changing number. cows are born, cows die, cows are eaten, cows are cloned... at this very second there are cows in the process of doing all of those things, and there are cows simply going about their lives. there is no exact number. but there are a lot.

13th on Jan 17, 2013

Does this include only real, living cows, or are we also including stuffed animals? Statues? Milk and/or meat producing cows? Cows that can reproduce? Cows which have been sterilized? Are we including calves, or only those cows of a certain age or higher? This type of question is about identifying your thought processes...not providing an actual answer.

skb on Jan 18, 2013

Count the number of cow legs and divide by 3.999 (some small number of cows are maimed).

jwo on Jan 18, 2013

There are 13 billion, 796 million, 463 thousand, 755 hundred, 74 cows in Canada as of 3 pm today. This does not incllude those butchered for consumption this evenings meal. This would also depend on how many people were ordering steak or beef of some kind. Then there are those who don't eat beef, they eat chickin, or fish or pork, or ribs, or those that eat pork chops, or those that just eat salad. So the number still lies in those research people who have to go count the number of legs on the cows, hence they need to not stand directly behind the cow or they will get on of two kinds of showers,

Steve on Jan 18, 2013

So, this is actually my original post after my interview with Google. There is no correct answer, they really want to see your thought process. The way I answered the question and I did get hired, was; "First I would have to know are we talking all cows or cows for producing dairy, or brown cows, female cows.....etc.?" My interviewer said, "All cows." I said, "Well first we have to know how many farms are in Canada. Then we could find out the maximum number of cows each farm is allowed to have and research with the dept. of Agriculture whether all of the registered farms are at maximum occupancy. We also have to take into consideration are their pregnant cows, and how many are slaughtered each month, thee has to be an allowance with that also." Anyway, I got hired at Google for the position listed above all to find out thta they were hiring shoe sales associates, and MAC makeup sales associates for this same position. LOL. Totally entry level.

Selina on Jan 19, 2013

SKB and 13th we must have similar processors, lol, your answers are similar to how I responded!! I have'nt read the others yet, I'm making my way up the list. Its cool to see all of the different thought processes we all have.

Selina on Jan 19, 2013

African or European cows?

Cy on Jan 20, 2013

Over 9000 !

Cpt on Jan 20, 2013

more than 1,00,000 n counting

kannav on Jan 21, 2013

Forget the Cows! The U.S funding that I would love to have had control of is the $600,000 grant to study the effects of Rum on the citizens of the Dominican Republic. I figured it to be a 2 year study. $400,000 for my time, and $200,000 worth of rum for all of my newly snockered Dominican friends.
Ciao, baby.

U.S. Pork on Jan 21, 2013

Math.round(totalFarms / 4) == totalCows;

qeremy on Jan 22, 2013

Simple, count the number of cow legs in Canada and divide by four.

AJ on Jan 22, 2013

"I was reading an article about this the other day. The latest official estimates are between 6.3 and 6.7 million cows. However, this figure is disputed by the independent Cow Quantities Authority in Qubec, who believe that the figure has been artificially inflated by up to 20% for political reasons. Most academics in Canada support the Cow Quantities Authority's suspicions, but not the scale of the alledged inflation."

Jeremy Hunt on Jan 23, 2013

Okay, most everyone is over-thinking this. One poster got it right. How many "cows" in "Canada"? There are no cows in the word Canada therefore the answer would be no. If you look at the question as most everyone above has looked at it, you are over-thinking too much. Interviewers want to see how you think not how many real cows are in the country of Canada. Unless the company is involved with agriculture and cows. Here's a tip to get through an interview easier: go into the interview with the assumption that YOU are interviewing the INTERVIEWER. If they ask you weird questions, why? What is their thought process? Once you start seeing them as someone you question the interview goes a little easier. Try it, you'll see.

Tru on Jan 23, 2013

British scientists found out that all cows in Canada are actually bulls. Google interviewers are not aware of that research and still counting Canadian cows.

Anonymous on Jan 23, 2013

It could be 9,999. If someone does not believe it, can start counting. If it is found out more after counting, then the case would the visitors who come to visit relatives from neighbouring country; if it is less, then the case would be the cows from canada are visiting neibouring country to see their relatives or they could be eaten.

Shahz on Jan 23, 2013

Duh. They are looking for you to say - I'd google it. Come on.

Brendan on Jan 24, 2013

My answer would be 3.5 million. The population of Canada is about 35 million. I surmise that there is probably one cow for every ten people.

I doubt the interviewer cares if I know how many cows there are, but how to think it through to a possible answer with little to no information to go on.

Jerry Stevens on Jan 24, 2013

If we're looking at the colloquial term for a female bovine, there's many other species called cows: whales, manatees, giraffes, termites, crocodiles and alligators, bison and buffalo...and more.

They probably just care that you don't make something up, but actually give it thought. Unlike Jerry...

Alexandra on Jan 24, 2013

I would ask the interviewer "what is the purpose of asking this question and how is it related to the interview"

PC on Jan 24, 2013

As many as the young one of the cows.......

pankaj on Jan 24, 2013

According to BCG matrix in Management , product lines of an organisation which have high market share, low business growth and generates high profits and cash fall under cash cows category. So those organisations product portfolios in Canada comes under cash cows are the total no. of cows in Canada .

NAVEEN VARADA on Jan 24, 2013

More than 1 for sure and less than 10 million. For accurate estimation I would require to work on this project.

piyush on Jan 25, 2013



Ask to google / search on google and you will defiantly get the right answer.

debobroto on Jan 25, 2013

more than one way to find out, here is one:
-find out the annual number of slaughtered and exported cows
that should be a close enough answer

eric pichler on Jan 25, 2013

less than the total no.of cows in the remaining countries.

prashanth on Jan 26, 2013

In making the answer seem reasonable, keep in mind that Canada is not all that huge. Yes, the land mass is great, but the majority of it's population is much closer to the USA.

Yes, they have farms, but don't they export much of their beef to the USA? Canada is a great grain producing country, so their beef/milk producing industry is self sustaining.

Having said that, I would look at the interviewer and say, "If you are really interested in the details, and facts, just hire me for the job and i won't disappoint. "

(with my new $150,000 salary, my company car, and a $50,000 yearly expense account, I would personally drive my way through Canada and visit every farm in that country. I would meet their families, and check out their daughters...............Lots of huge family farmlands, and great looking daughters to choose from?)

During the 3 years, would look at my best opportunity, settle down and get married. We would have about 4 to 6 children, to keep her parents and us happy.

My daily bonus check was marrying a girl who had the best milking hands in the county.
After feeding the company all of the information that I had assembled, I would call them up and tell them that i quit.


Raven on Jan 27, 2013


neha jagare on Jan 27, 2013

two thousand hundred.
knew this one. hew

gaston on Jan 27, 2013

not for specific............ but cow not less than2 & more than 15000

dhakad on Jan 27, 2013

There are 5768 cows, anything less means some have gone to the neighbouring areas and anything more means some have migrated into the region to meet their kin...

Johnny_Walker on Jan 28, 2013

can't comment cz without any given problem value it's nt easy to guess,,,,,,,,,,,,,, n it's also out of sylabus ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Shivam on Jan 28, 2013

"I don't know!"

tushar on Jan 29, 2013


CHANDRAKANT on Jan 29, 2013


Mehul on Jan 29, 2013

no 'cows' in 'canada'...

ganesh on Jan 30, 2013

first I thought of their competitors, milking the cows; but, when I looked at the job for which this question was asked, I understand how valid(ity) the question is.. may be not floats or fractions... nice people & machines are really working, I googled (as one reply says) I found wiki answer as, "about 7 million cows in Canada", I will be in trouble if it is 6.9Mn.... no interview question is a correct question and no answer is a wrong answer, when you are looking for leaders!

pp on Jan 31, 2013

There are 0 cows in Canada. The plural of cow is kine.

Nobody on Feb 1, 2013

250000 cows

prabhash mishra on Feb 2, 2013

More than 1, as the question itself says that there are more than 1 (cows).

Raghunath on Feb 16, 2013

Candian women are all skinny.

Canadian guy on Feb 26, 2013

@Canadian guy. Many of the Canadian girls, within 25 miles of the USA border are on the slender side..............which is not bad in itself. Above that 25 mile zone, you will find the prize that you seem to be looking for. A good person to talk to, solid body, can deal with long winter weather, and a rather good cook. If you invest the time to know and appreciate her, your nights will never be lonely.

As for your comment about Skinny Canadian girls? I was told by 2 Canadian girls, who worked in one of those border shops, that they prefer to go to the American side to have their fun and meet guys. They told me that the American guys like to have fun and they spend their money.

What are you saving up for, Canadian guy?

Raven on Mar 6, 2013

Is this the sort of projerct this position entails? If so, perhaps I should interview with a company that has a chance at remaining operational.

Ernesto Mantigua on Mar 7, 2013

The correct answer is "I don't know."

They are testing to see whether you will make up a random answer, a wise-ass answer (no "cow" in the word "Canada"), refuse to accept that you don't know the answer, or waste time trying to find the answer to something you will never know (well, not accurately).

gth on Apr 17, 2013

They invented Wolfram Alpha for questions like these...13.2 Million

Shaun Hogan on May 4, 2013

haha nice try but I know in Canada there is only "caribous" and canadians.

michou on Jun 4, 2013

It is impossible to answer this question, and I will tell you why.

On a daily basis, cows are being slaughtered and calves being born. Even if you asked me, How many cows were there on April 24th, 2013, at 3:47 p.m., there are still 60 seconds of time to consider, and faulty records from the farmers themselves.

Now, on the other hand, if you asked me, "How many Canadian cows are named "Daisy", I would tell you there are 1,427.

Then I would keep staring at your eyes until you blink.
I love humor, and it makes life manageable. I just won't work for someone whose IQ matches that of Beavis and Butthead.

Reali T. Chek on Jun 8, 2013

If you tell how many grasses are there in America then i can exactly tell how many cows are there

Anand Arun on Jun 9, 2013

no of cows in canada are "no of cows in canada at thin moment"not or less by one.

keerthana on Jun 25, 2013

Possibly less than is needed, and probably not more than is wanted. Cows are not an invasive species.

Erynn Delahousaye on Jul 26, 2013

Over 1 moollion?

furrimurri on Aug 10, 2013

It's like an eventual consistency problem in a distributed database.

Every source will have a different number, and the real number fluctuates by the minute just from the millions of hamburgers that are produced daily in Canada.

So, considering how accurate a number you need, and what point in time you need it for, you can aggregate data from many sources such as agricultural statistics, market prices, and futures prices and build a model, maybe using Bayesian Analysis, that will give you an estimate within a probability interval that is sufficient for your needs.

Christopher Kerlin on Sep 5, 2014


Anonymous on Oct 20, 2014

Quite a few I imagine, why?

David Condrey on Nov 14, 2014

My initial guess is 4. But I'm not afraid to admit it when I'm wrong.

Anonymous on Nov 30, 2014

5 billion

Anonymous on Jan 4, 2015

Submitting an answer

Anonymous on Jan 5, 2015


Anonymous on Jan 20, 2015


Anonymous on Jan 27, 2015

I have bigger questions than this.

Anonymous on Jan 28, 2015


Anonymous on Apr 30, 2015

Probably less than there were yesterday

Anonymous on May 9, 2015

I want

Anonymous on Jun 22, 2015

Don't know

Anonymous on Aug 17, 2015

13.2M Cow In Canada According To WolframAlpha .... Vote 100 ~ So I Was Drunk Last Night I Got My Cat Put It In My Pillow And I Was Throwing Around Saying Its A Pillow Its A Pet Its A Pillow Pet XD...

Anonymous on Aug 18, 2015

13,200,000+ Cows In Canada According To The Internet .....

Anonymous on Aug 18, 2015

A lot

Anonymous on Jan 18, 2016

six cows

Michael Liggins on Jun 5, 2016

I will first state my assumptions. I assume there are 5 million cows in Canada.

Then there are 5 million cows in Canada. Q.E.D.

systemBuilder on Jul 20, 2016

There is at least 1 cow and more... at every second possible.

Mcmekus on Jun 16, 2017

"including yourself ?"

Jcb on Sep 3, 2017

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