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Senior Java Engineer Interview Phoenix, AZ

How many credit cards does Amex issue in a year in US?


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I knew it was an estimation problem, but I am not really good at doing fast math, so stumbled at a few places involving percentages. There is no exact answer, but the focus is in how you arrive at the answer.

Interview Candidate on Mar 31, 2014

Cong8ss!! Even I gave the interview last month with same questions but didn't hear back anything from them....Did they call you or send you note to update this??Please advise.Thanks

usp343 on Apr 4, 2014

Thanks. I was contacted by the Sr.Director about 10 days after the interview and made the offer.

Anonymous on Apr 4, 2014

Cool then I still have a chance :)

usp343 on Apr 4, 2014

Do you remember what type of questions they asked in online coding screen sharing ? I have an interview on next tuesday and i am nervous about typing code in a text editor . Can you give me some sample questions they asked ?

Ajay Patil on Apr 11, 2014

These were fairly straight forward ones- FizzBuzz, Fibonacci for coding problems, couple of bitwise operations with XOR, regex for US phone number, abt 50% theory questions like interface vs abstract classes and uses of generics and SOLID principles.
One question were I messed up a bit was 'Write the api for System.out.println()'. I didn't fully understand the question, then the interviewer clarified. Essentially, he wanted me to write the classes and methods (ignoring the actual logic code) that would allow the user to write System.out.println(). I used inner class to implement it.
Good luck.

Anonymous on Apr 11, 2014

Thank you , i cleared the first round . Can you give me more details on onsite interview ? How should i prepare ? What type of questions they are asking in the onsite rounds ?

Ajay Patil on Apr 15, 2014

Technical stuff will be similar to initial screen, lots of theory, fibonacci/factorial code, debug a simple code block etc. Prepare for behavioral questions and estimation problems. There is a chapter in the book "How Would You Move Mount Fuji" by William Poundstone about problems like that. Good luck.

Anonymous on Apr 16, 2014

I attended the Interview in Phoenix , HR contacted me today and said that the Cognitive interview did not go well as planned . So they are not going to proceeding with me , They asked me the same question "How may cards does AMEX approve each year " . I was prepared for this and i think i answered well for this question , but not sure what went wrong . I am curious to know good answer, what answer did you provide for the credit cards question ?

Ajay Patil on May 1, 2014

Sorry to hear that. These things are sometimes very unpredictable.
I don't remember the exact numbers I did that day, but It is an estimation problem. I started with US population- 300 will not be issued for ppl under 15 and old people, lets say 20%, so remaining 2.4 M. Similarly, subtract X% for people with bad credit, y% for people who bought card within last year, since they are unlikely to get another..and so on. Essentially, i started with max limit and subtracted an estimated % for the filters I thought were applicable.
I remember in the end, the interviewers were not even looking at the final number I came up. So they probably just wanted to see how I approached the problem.

Anonymous on May 1, 2014

1 million.

knows it all on Apr 14, 2017

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