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How many people can you fit into texas?

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Added to the previous comment: if with the population density of NYC.

Ziqi on


Depends on how much cubic feet of space each person requires; then requires analysis of total people in world/usa, and total space they require. Then compare with total space in Texas.

A on


If they are just occupying the space and there is no need to live there, the entire population of the world could theoretically be in Texas at the same time.

Anonymous on


Presuming you aren't given the size of texas... Population of New York City: 8 million. Population of the world? 7 billion. Could you fit 1000 New York Cities in to Texas? Probably not. You can check it with numbers, 300sq mi for NYC, 250k sq mi for Texas. You could then go a step further and say that if we were only concerned with how many people can we cram in there, then we could probably increase the density of NYC by an order of magnitude at least, in which case yes, we could probably fit the whole world in there. An assumption that you can fit NYC in a 100 times (a reasonable if not low estimate), and that you could probably fit 80 million people in to New York city if they all squeeze together, you would get a total fit of about 8 billion people could fit in Texas.

Anonymous on


All the people who matter

Anonymous on


All the people in the world will fit in Texas.

Anonymous on

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