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How many ping pong balls can fit in a 10x10x10 foot room?


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This is going to have to be approximate.

What we want to do here is first find the volume of the room, then the volume of a ping pong ball, and divide to find the number of balls that will fit in the room.

Anonymous on Nov 11, 2013

The trick here is not to go the route of computing volumes since the ping pong ball is a sphere. This means that there will be space left over due to the shape.

1 ping pong ball diameter: 1.5 inches
1.5in/1 ball=10ft*12inches/x balls
x = 80 balls

This means if you have a 1.5 inch height and 120 inch width, you could line 80 balls in a row.

So the answer is 80 balls ^ 3 (1 for each dimension) = 512,000 balls

Sumedh on Jun 9, 2015

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