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How many snow shovels sold in the US last year?


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Deep Thought on Jan 21, 2014

Greater than the number of Tasers

Anonymous on Jan 21, 2014

About 1000 for ever Taser sold, but I'm here to fix that.

Don't Tase Me Bro on Jan 21, 2014

There are roughly 400 million people in the US

About 100 million people live in areas where having a snow shovel would make sense (NY and Pennsylvania are large)

A snow shovel likely only needs to be replaced every 10 years

100/10 = 10 million

The average home size is ~2.5

10/2.5 = 4 million homes

each home likely has about 1.5 shovels on average

4*1.5 = 6

My educated guess would be 6 million (although my intuition is this is a little high)

Paul Heintzelman on Jan 22, 2014

January 22, 2014

To Whom It May Concern,
I am applying for the position of Office Administrator with your company. After reviewing my resume', I feel you will agree that my experience & skills make me a perfect candidate to fill the position.
I look forward to talking with you in the near future in regard to the position.

Hopefully more than AK-47's.

Christina Miller on Jan 22, 2014

too many...

=z= on Jan 22, 2014

All of them. Every single one that was purchased.

Jim on Jan 22, 2014

Well, since this is a LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT question, I suggest we re-evaluate our priorities and strike this question in lieu of a more relevant one.

dmc on Jan 22, 2014

Enough to get the job done for the people that bought them.

Anonymous on Jan 23, 2014

Only the ones that had a Free Taser coupon from your company attached to them.

You should know the figure - you work here - don't you ?

Anonymous on Jan 23, 2014

None. I have yet to meet a snow shovel capable of selling anything.

Anonymous on Jan 23, 2014

Almost as many as immigrating families and new families combined.

Sarah on Jan 23, 2014

Less than or equal to the number that were available for purchase

Joe on Jan 26, 2014

I do not know because I am not a businessman snow shovels

Adikin on Feb 2, 2014

The same quantity as snow shovels purchased in the US last year.

Tequila George on Feb 14, 2014

More than the year before, based on the recent weather.

SP on May 29, 2014

Not enough. You should've seen my neighbor's driveway

Anonymous on Jun 17, 2015

I would guess that about 20% of americans are homeowners - about 60 million people. Among them, only about 20% live a climate cold enough to warrant a snow shovel - 12 million people. Those people don't need to buy snow shovels very frequently. A good snow shovel will last you about 6 years - 2 million.

I would estimate that 2 million snow shovels are sold each year in the US.

Anonymous on May 2, 2016

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