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Analog & Mixed-Signal IC Design Engineer Interview San Diego, CA

How to make sure the 2-stage opamp is stable? How does the

  compensation work?

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Use compensation capacitor. Look up pole splitting which uses Miller effect on the capacitor.

Interview Candidate on Jun 26, 2012

By constructing current mirror circuit using op-amp 741 through compensation resistor at the feedback side. Finally the input and output of the op-amp gets compensated.

sowndharya k on Jun 29, 2012

Using Miller compensation. A compensation capacitor across the 2nd stage to create pole splitting. A series resistor to the cap might be needed to solve the rhp zero problem

Karthik Tripurari on Jul 31, 2013

Using compensation capacitor, which makes the low frequency pole's frequency become lower and high frequency pole's frequency higher, so OPmap is more stable.

Anonymous on Nov 26, 2014

Using compensation network including capacitor and resistor and monitoring the phase margin and gain margin as well.

Anonymous on Jan 11, 2015

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