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How would people communicate in a perfect world?


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The interviewers were trying to lead you to the answer that face-to-face communication is the optimal and thus video over phone would be best if face-to-face were not possible. But after getting you to this answer the interviewers then presented the fact that video over phone hasn't taken off like texting and asked why you answered face-to-face if texting is so popular, thus forcing you into thinking you answered incorrectly. Of course, this whole question was to lead into the interviewer's personal social beliefs about texting. Where he is not looking for an answer but acceptance of his beliefs.

Interview Candidate on Jun 14, 2012

In A perfect world it is not required !

Kaushal Chawda on Jan 13, 2013


Alan on Jan 17, 2013

Honestly? Honestly.

Jon on Jan 17, 2013

A perfect world has no people.

Amumu on Jan 17, 2013

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bob on Jan 17, 2013


Sylvia on Jan 17, 2013

Communication wouldn't be needed.

Shane on Jan 17, 2013

By phone....

S. Cournoyer on Jan 19, 2013

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We, the residents of this multicultural planet, will never know.
 No peace, no equality, spotty communication, no true love, a multitude of greed and feelings of superiority?
Unnecessary deaths, and violence that would make any God weep.
We are not equal, and never will be. Without equality, there is no communication.

Raven on Jan 21, 2013

the way they do after smoking weed... yo duuuude

Jean d'Arc on Jan 22, 2013

In a perfect world, we would all be mimes and wear outfits that make use look like displaced Gondoliers.

Alex Marshall on Jan 22, 2013

Patiently and kindly.

matthew on Jan 23, 2013

They say as they want, and they understand as they want.

Yener Örer on Jan 24, 2013

I will demonstrate you... directly.. if you show me a perfect world...

Naveen Kumar on Jan 24, 2013

People would understand each other through their eyes,talking from mouth will be very less.

sweta pandey on Jan 25, 2013

Any body is not communicate perfectly bcz world is not perfect.

Kumar Rendale on Jan 25, 2013

I am you. Knowing your needs.

CC on Jan 25, 2013

Answer is in the question that the world does not need to speak because because The world is perfect ,So any thing or every thing can be happen by thfe help of Sings as because the World is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shekhar Singh Baghel on Jan 25, 2013

by good gestures

neha jagare on Jan 27, 2013

through mouth, gestures, communication media like internet, mobile phone, letters, etc. Now you would ask, do we really need these methods in a perfect world? Then I would say, how would you define a perfect world?

Anonymous on Jan 28, 2013

if they utter any word..the world will be imperfect....!!!!!

sree on Jan 30, 2013

Not at all. At least not as we know it.

They would telepathically (possibly simulated by brain-implants) shared memory stores and emotions, so there is no need to communicate about someones ideas or feelings, since they are already part of yours.

Anonymous on Feb 12, 2013

Speech communication is the wrong way to go. Point with your fingers, hand signs, body motion, roll your eyes, wiggle your ears, etc.
If I stick my tongue out, as if to touch my nose, what would that mean?

The answer is, "What time is it?"

topo gigio on Mar 18, 2013

Morse code armpit farts.

Mongo only pawn on Oct 2, 2013

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